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We started Bricoleur Press in 1999 and from the start our office has been located in the small village of Ranered, south-east of Gothenburg, Sweden. The main idea was - and still is - to be a publisher specialising in archaeological theory. This means that we publish books (whether in Swedish or English)  that can contribute to (self) reflexive and critical discussions within contemporary archaeology. The idea was/is also to provide international archaeology with professionally produced volumes of the highest standard, to a price that is affordable for every-one. The low prices and the special student prices is central to our strategy. Why?

In recent years some publishers have increasingly opted for a strategy of publishing large number of books in small editions. While this suits the needs of academic careers and national research assessment, notably in the UK, it means that more and more books are sold at high prices and geared towards libraries and research institutions only. One consequence of this (profit-making) policy is that the books produced this way are not having the same distribution and impact on the archaeological discussions that they could have had. If academic books are once again to become a means of distributing ideas and stimulating further discussion among as broad an audience as possible, the aforementioned trends of academic publishing need to be reversed. We feel that it is not right that the commercial interests of globally operating publishing companies determine increasingly what is being published - and valued - in international academic discourse. Bricoleur Press, its production and its prices,  is a contribution to the changing of this situation.


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