Three Factors To Consider When Buying Cooling Tower Parts

Posted on: 15 July 2022

Cooling towers are an essential part of every industrial facility for regulating temperatures. Cooling towers keep an industrial plant cool by spraying cool water down the tower. The cool water then absorbs the heat in the facility, thus reducing the interior temperatures in the facility.

But because cooling towers run for long hours daily, they are prone to incur component malfunctions or damages. Thus, you have to replace the malfunctioning or damaged parts to maintain the performance of the cooling tower. 

Consider these three factors before buying any replacement parts for your cooling tower. 

1. Component Specifications 

Cooling towers come in various shapes and sizes, and thus they have different component specifications. Since every component has a specific function, installing an element with the wrong specifications can be an issue. 

For instance, installing a cooling tower nozzle with the wrong specifications affects the water flow rate to the fill. As a result, your cooling tower may fail to cool the industrial facility adequately.

Before buying any cooling tower parts, you should ensure you understand the specification of the component you want to replace. If you are unsure of the correct specifications of a cooling tower part, ask a cooling tower repair technician to provide a list of the specifications the component should have before buying it. 

2. Aftermarket Versus OEM Parts

Like most equipment, cooling tower parts are available as OEM or aftermarket parts. 

Most aftermarket cooling tower parts can perform as well as OEM parts, provided the specifications match. However, aftermarket parts are often cheaper than OEM parts. 

But, when it comes to replacing sensitive cooling tower components, such as a gearbox or motor, it is best to stick to OEM parts. If you install an aftermarket part that leads to other components malfunctioning, you may lose your claim to a warranty. 

However, if the cooling tower part you are replacing is not critical to the overall functionality of the cooling tower, you can opt for aftermarket parts. For instance, if you are replacing a damaged fan, you can opt for an after-market fan. An aftermarket or OEM fan will provide the same function. 

3. Warranty

When you buy a cooling tower, the manufacturer usually provides you with a warranty. 

Most warranties include free component replacements if they malfunction within a specified period. Before buying any cooling tower replacement parts, check your warranty. If the manufacturer included the damaged component you want to replace in the warranty, there is no need to spend money on buying a new one.

Instead, the cooling tower manufacturer will provide a replacement for free as part of the warranty. Thus, checking your warranty before buying cooling tower replacement parts can help you save money on the components. 


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