Six Considerations When You're Looking For A Manufacturer For Your Custom Metal Stamping Project

Posted on: 13 October 2021

It's important to find the right manufacturer to handle your custom metal stamping project. You also need to carefully talk through all the details of your project to ensure that the end result satisfies your needs.

The following are six considerations to talk about when you're looking for a manufacturer for your custom metal stamping project. 

The material

You need to choose the proper material for your project. There are certain metals that are most commonly used in custom metal stamping projects. 

Precious metals such as gold and silver can be processed through metal stamping. Ferrous metals are another material option. Most frequently, iron-based alloys are chosen for custom metal stamping projects with ferrous metals as the material of choice. Otherwise, non-ferrous metals such as brass and bronze are sometimes used.

You need to discuss material options with manufacturers as well as manufacturer recommendations for the best material for your project. 

The type(s) of press that the manufacturer has available

There are numerous press types typically used in custom metal stamping. Certain manufacturers might have one or all of these types available depending on their scale. 

The three main types of press available are mechanical, hydraulic, and mechanical servo presses. Mechanical presses tend to work more quickly than hydraulic presses and are good for parts that are simpler and more shallow.

Hydraulic presses are more commonly used for projects requiring a smaller production capacity but a deeper stamping. Mechanical servo presses are the most advanced and expensive type of press and are used for large-scale productions requiring more complex stamping. 

The technique necessary for your project

There are many different techniques used in custom metal stamping. The technique your manufacturer will need to use depends on the details of your design. Among the most common techniques used in custom metal stamping are bending, coining, cutting, drawing, flanging, and punching.

You should discuss the techniques your job will require with your custom metal stamping manufacturer to work out the details of the project. 

The appropriate production method

The production method that should be chosen for your custom metal stamping needs depends on how complex the part you need to produce is. It also depends on the best technique for forming that part in question.

Four common production methods are progressive die stamping, transfer die stamping, deep drawing, and fine blanking. 

The finishing work

Some custom metal stamping jobs will require finishing work. You should be aware of finishing work options and consider whether any of them will improve the end results of your project.

Finishing options can include tasks such as deburring, reaming, and tapping the stamped product. 

The cost

Cost is an important consideration to discuss with a manufacturer before getting started with your project. It's important to have a good idea of what the total costs will be ahead of time. You should get a few estimates from manufacturers in your area before choosing which manufacturer to work with. 

Contact a local metal stamping manufacturer to get your project started.


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