Custom Woven Wire Mesh Sifting Equipment

Posted on: 1 March 2021

Lab sampling and analysis may require that solids are sifted, prior to performing a series of tests. Custom woven wire mesh products will support the separation of materials that possess distinct dimensions. A sifting sieve or tray that contains a wire mesh liner will aid in a variety of separation processes.

Types Of Woven Mesh

Woven mesh products are sometimes referred to as wire fabric or wire cloth. The metal components that are used to create a pattern may consist of square-shaped outlines that are linked together and that contain two wires that are intertwined with an over and under layout, a twill pattern that contains targeted areas that contain densely-packed wire that will provide additional strength, and a pattern that consists of slanted wire sections that are difficult to detect with the naked eye.

Various patterns aid with separating liquids from solids and small dry fragments from ones that possess larger dimensions. Woven wire mesh may contain a crimped or non-crimped formation. The degree of crimping will reflect upon how rigid a product is and may determine the flow rate of a product that passes through the material. A flat-top design that doesn't contain crimping is best suited for a product that will need to move easily through the material.

Sieve And Pan Designs

After reviewing the woven mesh products that a supplier sells, pick out a material that contains the dimensions you will need for sifting purposes. Wire mesh may be constructed of carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, or nickel. The properties of some metal materials may be more suitable for liquids or mixtures that will be heated prior to the separation of individual materials.

A metal sieve resembles a bowl and will contain a piece of wire mesh that covers the base of the container. Pan designs include oblong trays and designs that contain lipped edges. An electric sieve or pan will automatically vibrate when it is turned on and is often used to separate items at a high rate of speed. Manual sieves and pans are tools that can be used to hand sift materials.

The gauge of the wire will determine the weight load that a sieve or a pan can support. A supplier can aid a customer in designing custom woven mesh products that can be used for the separation of specific materials. The dimensions of a sifting tool that is currently being used for an application will assist a supplier in creating a woven product that contains a similar design.


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