Supplying Your Project With Structural Steel Tubes

Posted on: 19 January 2021

Building and other structural projects will often need to utilize steel tubes. While these tubes can seem like relatively basic components, buying them for your project can require a range of considerations to be reviewed.

The Thickness Of The Tube Walls

The thickness of the tube walls is one of the most important factors in determining the overall strength of the tube. For steel tubes that will be used as structural supports, this will be a critical factor to avoid letting the tubing fail, warp, or experience other compromising failures. Calculating the needed thickness of your steel tubes can be a complicated process, and you should generally opt for slightly stronger than what you estimate will be needed at a minimum.

Whether A Seam Is Acceptable

In situations where the steel tubes will be visible, individuals will likely want to avoid any visible seams as they could detract from the rest of the aesthetics of the structure. If this is the case for the steel tubes that you need to order, it may be possible to choose steel tubes that are seamless. Whether or not there is a seam in these tubes will depend on the process that was used to manufacture them. While steel tubes that are seamless are likely to be more expensive, the added cost will be marginal, but it will substantially improve the appearance of visually noticeable steel tubes. If these tubes will be transporting fluids, a seamless option may also be far less prone to developing leaks, which could cause major damage and significant repairs in order to address once they form.

Protection Against Corrosion

If the steel tubes will be exposed to the elements, they will have to be protected against corrosion. Otherwise, prolonged exposure to rain and other substances will be able to severely corrode the metal. This can weaken the steel tube, and this can eventually result in the tubes rupturing or suffering other potential failures. To prevent this problem, any steel tubes that you order for your project should be coated with moisture protectants. These sealants can come in the form of powder coatings or liquid coatings that are applied to the exterior of the tubes soon after they have been formed. The addition of these coatings will be able to maximize the lifespan of these important structural components so that they will be able to last for decades before starting to degrade as a result of corrosion.

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