Advantages of Live Tooling for CNC Machines

Posted on: 1 September 2020

If you rely on a CNC machine to customize different materials, then it's important to think about how your lathe is set up. More and more CNC machine operators are starting to rely on live tooling for their lathe's design and that's because of these reasons in particular.

1. Fewer Setups

Any time you make dynamic customizations to a material, that increases your need of having multiple setups. Getting these CNC setups in place can be both time-consuming and expensive. You're much better off relying on live tooling. It's unique in that it can help you complete all sorts of customizations to materials, including drilling, cutting, milling, broaching, and sculpting. These crucial tasks can be completed in a single operation; you won't have to concern yourself with multiple setups ever again. 

2. Less Time-Consuming

There are some milling operations that have tight deadlines. You thus need a lathe that's set up to provide quick and easy customizations. That's exactly what you get with live tooling; essentially, fewer steps are required.

You won't be required to make a bunch of different manipulations or expend a lot of energy like you would with a traditional lathe design. Rather, the live tool will be the spinning component, which can move across your materials in a lot of different ways. The efficiency you'll now have can make your operations a lot easier to deal with and ultimately increase your work output each day. 

3. Stronger Gears

With traditional lathing tools, you're often dealing with outdated gears. That's not the case with live tooling, fortunately. They have exceptionally strong gears and that means you'll get more torque out of your lathe. That's important for completing heavy-duty customizations to materials. The stronger gears also open up your CNC operations. You can then do more things and work on more materials that you couldn't with just a traditional lathe design.

Additionally, the gears used in live tooling are only getting better with time. Advancements are constantly being made to increase gear strength and subsequently improve torque. It seems like live tooling will continue on this trend considering how popular it is for CNC machine operators. 

You can improve your CNC machine operations in a number of ways today. Contact various industrial and manufacturing companies to learn more about live tooling. It's readily available, dynamic, and can take your milling operations to new levels that weren't possible before. 


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