Recognizing Problems With Your Water Well Pump

Posted on: 14 August 2020

Modern wells will utilize a powerful pump that is capable of moving water from the underground water source into the home. Unfortunately, this pump is not completely reliable, and you should be prepared for a handful of problems. Here are some issues that might require well pump repair.

Limited Water

A common indication of a problem with the well pump can be issues with the amount of water that it is providing. In situations where there is a significant problem with the well pump, the amount of water that it is able to provide can plummet. Particularly severe problems can even result in the well pump being unable to provide any water to the home. Whenever you realize that there has been a change in the amount of water that is being provided, having the well pump inspected can help to identify whether the issue is related to the pump or the well itself.

Higher Than Usual Energy Costs

A well pump can be a sophisticated mechanical system that will need a large amount of electricity to operate. Unfortunately, if the pump is malfunctioning, the amount of energy that it needs will be substantially increased. Issues with the well pump can result in it needing to run for far longer, which can lead to more energy being required. This can result in your monthly energy costs being far higher than normal. Routine service visits can help to minimize this issue by ensuring that the pump is operating as efficiently as possible.

Wet Spots on the Ground Near the Well

Many homes will have their water well pump buried underground. This can allow for it to be kept safe while also limiting the visual impacts it will have on the landscaping. However, this can make it hard to identify some problems with the system. Depending on the issue that the system is experiencing, you may find that puddles of water form on the ground near the well pump system. While individuals may assume that these will always form directly where the pump is located, this may not be the case. The pump will also have a water storage tank connected to it as well as plumbing lines that run to the home. For these reasons, it may be possible for these puddles to form a seemingly far distance from the actual well and pump while still being related to these components.


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