Why You Should Use Paper Cores For Storing Plastic Wrap In Your Factory

Posted on: 12 June 2020

Using plastic wrap might be common in your factory. You still might not have the process of storing and using plastic wrap down pat just yet, though. For example, you might not be using paper cores for storing your plastic wrap just yet, but this is an easy change to make. After all, you can purchase paper cores of different sizes and types, and you can then wind the plastic wrap around the core. This is probably the best way to make use of plastic wrap in your factory for these reasons and more.

Roll Off Plastic Wrap With Ease

In your business, you might use plastic wrap for all sorts of purposes. Your employees might use it all day long to wrap pallets before sending them out on your trucks, for example. If this is the case, then you'll want to make sure that the plastic wrap is easy to use. Keeping it on a paper core can help a lot with this. After all, after the plastic wrap has been put on a paper core, it should roll easily while in use, whether people are using it by hand or if you are planning on using it with a pallet wrapping machine.

Prevent Plastic Wrap From Being Damaged

One good reason to use paper cores for storing plastic wrap is so that you can prevent the plastic wrap from being damaged. If you aren't careful about how you store plastic wrap, you have to worry about it ripping and tearing. It can also become stuck and tangled together, leaving you with a big mess to deal with. You can prevent your plastic wrap from being damaged in any way if you keep it on a paper core. After putting the plastic wrap on a paper core, just make sure you store it in a safe place to prevent damage.

Enjoy Cheaper Prices

You might already use cores for plastic wrap storage in your facility, but the cores that you might use might be made out of plastic. Luckily, though, paper cores are typically cheaper, so this could be one good cost-cutting move to make within your business.

Dispose of the Core When You're Finished With It

One good thing about paper cores over plastic cores is the fact that they are easy to dispose of. You should be able to simply recycle the paper cores once they are no longer needed. Then, you don't have to worry about looking for a disposal method, and you shouldn't have to worry about your paper cores having much of a negative impact on the environment, either

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