Why Your Manufacturing Facility Needs A Heat Recovery Steam Generator

Posted on: 2 June 2020

Heat recovery steam generators are very popular in manufacturing facilities all over the place, but they aren't in use everywhere. In fact, there is a good possibility that your manufacturing facility does not have a heat recovery steam generator in place; instead, you might simply rely on industrial boilers for providing power in your facility. Just because your manufacturing facility doesn't have a heat recovery steam generator does not mean that it isn't a good idea to buy one, though. These are just some of the reasons why this can be a good purchase.

They Can Often Be Assembled On-Site

Many people don't realize it, but heat recovery steam generators can actually be very complex machines. Many of them are also often very large. Because of these two factors, you might be concerned that it will be a hassle for you to get a heat recovery steam generator moved and set up within your business.

Nowadays, many of the companies that make and sell heat recovery steam generators have found solutions to these problems. Many of these systems are modular systems that can be delivered to facilities like yours in separate pieces. Then, they can be assembled by someone who has the proper tools and experience. 

They Help You Run a More Financially Savvy Business

Making use of a heat recovery steam generator within your manufacturing facility might be a financially savvy decision that could help you significantly reduce power-related expenses within your facility. This is because these units are designed to work as efficiently as possible, even if your company needs a bigger and more powerful unit.

They Provide Environmental Benefits

Environmental improvements might be on your list of things to do within your business in the coming months and years. If this is the case, then now is the time to start exploring the option to purchase and install a heat recovery steam generator, since one of these systems can help you greatly reduce the impact that your manufacturing facility has on the environment. 

If your manufacturing facility does not have a heat recovery steam generator, you might be missing out. Luckily, it is possible to purchase one of these generators for your business, and you will probably find that the system is well worth the investment. Fortunately, there are heat recovery steam generators available in different sizes, so whether you run a large-scale facility or a manufacturing plant that is on the smaller side, you should be able to find a generator that is right for the job.


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