5 Unique Benefits Of The Plastic Injection Molding Process

Posted on: 23 April 2020

There are several methods for manufacturing plastic parts: vacuum casting, extrusion blow molding, compression molding, thermoforming...the list goes on and on. But one very effective method has a few unique benefits: plastic injection molding. By nature of the injection molding process, its characteristics have a few advantages over other plastic manufacturing processes. Here are five.

Details and Complexity

One major benefit of the plastic injection molding process is that it has the ability to produce plastic parts with a high level of detail and complexity. That's because the molds used in injection molding are subject to extreme levels of pressure. The molds are able to handle that pressure so that the resins can be pressed up against the mold with extreme force. This process allows for a high level of detail, ensuring that the plastic reaches every area of the mold so it can accommodate complex geometric shapes or small and fine details.


Another benefit of a mold that can take a high level of pressure is a plastic part that has been compacted into a high level of strength. Of course, the design of the product plays a major part in this, which is why it's important to have parts designed by an industrial designer who understand the strengths and limitations of the injection molding process and is able to utilize those strengths in the design. But just because these parts have strength doesn't mean they're dense and heavy. That's the beauty of injection molding.


As mentioned, injection molding makes strong durable parts but that doesn't mean that the result increases physical weight. One of the major benefits of this process is that the pressure allows the machine to create a strong and durable part with compacted lightweight material. Thermoplastics produced through injection molding are often used to replace metal parts for automotive uses in order to reduce weight.


Injection molding creates strong plastic parts but that doesn't mean they're rigid. There are myriad possibilities depending on the types of resins used and that means you can create durable products with flexibility and elasticity too. Additionally, the process allows for the use of multiple types of resins at the same time to create versatile products.

Reduced Costs

The plastic injection molding process is almost completely automated. There are typically only two major players involved: the designer and a machine operator. This can significantly reduce overhead costs compared to other plastic processes. Look up plastics injection molding in Mexico for more information.


The Nature of Industry

The world of industry is a complex one. You have businesses outbidding each other for a chance to make a certain product. You have complex regulations that ensure workers are as safe as possible. And you have the consumers, who frequently demand improved products, keeping factories on their toes. Manufacturing is diverse, complex, and it's not going anywhere anytime fast. We invite you to learn more about the industry on this blog. We're pretty passionate about manufacturing ourselves, so we really enjoyed collecting and compiling this information for inquisitive readers like yourself. Please spend some time reading what we have to offer.

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