3 Techniques Used In Custom Metal Fabrication

Posted on: 22 April 2020

Custom metal fabrication is all about taking sheets of metal and turning that metal into a unique creation. Custom metal fabrication is the process businesses use to create products from metal. There are various techniques that are used in the metal fabrication process; here are a few of the top techniques that are used.

Technique #1: Laser Cutting

One of the most popular methods used in the fabrication of metal products is laser cutting. Laser cutting is such a popular method because it allows for the creation of precise products. With laser cutting, a machine is used to laser cut a pattern in the metal. The laser cutting machine can create smooth cuts in just about any shape.

A laser cutting machine is also frequently used in the metal fabrication process because the machine doesn't put that much physical stress on the metal when it is cutting it. By putting less stress on the metal, the metal comes out of the laser cutting process stronger.

Technique #2: Computer-Controlled Punch

Another technique for fabricating metal is the use of a computer-controlled punching method, more commonly referred to as CNC punching. CNC punching uses a special machine to create indentions and holes in a sheet of metal. The holes and indentations are placed on the metal according to a specific pattern.

CNC machines are great for simple fabrication processes where you only need to make small modifications to the metal. However, CNC machines can also be used for more complex patterns by overlapping hits and shapes. CNC machines apply a lot of force to the metal, which can decrease the strength of the metal used in the CNC fabrication process.

Technique #3: Resistance Welding

A third technique commonly used to fabricate custom metal is resistant welding. Resistant welding is when two pieces of metal are welded together.

Resistance welding is achieved through the use of a custom welding machine. This type of welding machine can easily allow the metal to be welding together quickly. This is great for products where the metal needs to be welded, not cut.

When it comes to the custom fabrication of metal, there are various methods to use for the industrial production of metal products and parts. For detailed and precise work, you can use laser cutting. For simpler work, you can use computer-controlled punching machines to customize the metal. Or, if you need simple welds done, you can use resistance welding with a welding machine. You can work with a custom metal fabrication company to figure out the best fabrication method for your product.


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